Nonwoven cloth bag / carbon bag / tea bag

    ultrasonic technology is applied to the welding and cutting of non - woven cloth bag, charcoal bag, tea bag, no need to use needle and thread accessories, with good sealing, smooth melting cutting surface, hairless edge, no collapse edge, fast speed, high production efficiency, clean and pollution, and will not damage the workparts. 


    Ultrasonic welding and cutting technology is suitable for mask earloop, high - speed punching, sealing and other processes, high power output, power adjustable, intelligent automatic tracking, long working mode wave and short hair wave can be selected. Fast speed, high efficiency, good sealing ability, good welding quality. 

    Curtain / pillowcase / quilt cover

    ultrasonic technology can be used for melting, pressing, stitching, edge cutting of daily necessities of curtains, pillow covers, gloves, gloves, so that the product once formed, without hair, no scattered edges, flower appearance, flower wheel can be customized. 

    Lace cloth / ribbon

    ultrasonic technology can be used in fabric stitching, pressing, opening, edge cutting and other processes, even the multi - layer fabric processing will not lead to fabric collapse, no hair edge, no loose edge; flower appearance, flower wheel can be customized to meet different production needs, is an efficient and economical pressing, stitching, edge cutting equipment. 

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