Electronic instruments

    The use of ultrasonic welding technology can be targeted to introduce energy into the welding area to ensure the safe connection of the support plate and the housing, without causing damage to sensitive electronic components.


    Plug and cable as a safety component in electronic equipment, electronic instruments and electrical installation, the contact is stable without offset, the current is stable, the use of ultrasonic welding can also realize the connection of different materials.

    Home Use

    Household appliances such as irons, electric toothbrushes, sprayers, vacuum cleaners, etc. are used almost every day. They must be sturdy, durable, feel good, and safe. Ultrasonic welding technology can be used to achieve these, especially suitable for household appliances with complex geometric shapes. welding.


    Ultrasonic welding technology is also suitable for outdoor equipment, such as outdoor electric saws, sports fitness equipment, roof waterproof membranes, etc.

    Office Use

    Stationery products such as folders, ink cartridges, calculators, mouse projection pens, staplers, etc. are consumable products, which need to be produced in large quantities. Ultrasonic welding technology can be used to achieve low-cost, fast and efficient links with good tightness.

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