Cake/bread/nougat/sandwiches and other food cutting

    Ultrasonic cutting technology is widely used in the food cutting industry, can cut cakes, bread, sandwiches, candy and other food, can be cut into round, rectangular, square, sheet, triangle and other different shapes, the incision is fine, smooth and uniform, no chips, no stick knife, no deformation, no string of color, is your first choice for cutting food.

    Shell/Tea bag

    Ultrasonic welding is often used in the sealing of the top cover film, the welding of the sealing ring, the packaging and sealing of the filter, etc. The welding mold uses the vacuum to position the film, and the mold without heating can ensure its durability and protect the product.


    Ultrasonic waves can quickly and safely weld degassing valves, nozzles, and all kinds of films. Ultrasonic waves are used to vibrate the molecules of the sealing layer, so that film shrinkage can be avoided without affecting the barrier performance.

    Film/Beverage Packaging

    The residual products in the weld zone can be safely separated by ultrasonic wave, so as to ensure absolute seal, significantly reduce packaging leakage, and enhance product durability.Short sealing time, high output, welding parameters have repeatability, can ensure the consistency of sealing quality.

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