Operating gowns, medical gloves

    Ultrasonic technology is used in operating gowns, medical gloves and other medical industries, without needle and thread accessories, can complete welding, embedding, suture, edge cutting and other processes, so that the product one-time molding, no burr, no loose edges, with good sealing, smooth melting and cutting surface, high speed, high production efficiency, clean and pollution-free.

    Ultrasonic Welding-medical Components (Semi-permeable Membranes, Adapters, Functional Components, Surgical Instruments, Filters...)

    ● Semi-permeable membrane: Semi-permeable membrane can be welded or pressed by ultrasonic. It is widely used in medical and life science fields. Conventional applications: particle filtration equipment for infusion, cell and tissue culture, various ventilation and exhaust applications .
    ● Adapters and joints: The use of ultrasonic welding technology can not only achieve high output, but also ensure unrestricted functions, sealing, and a certain degree of freedom of particles. Conventional applications: puncture, semi-permeable membrane, deep-well plate, rotating adapter, cock valve body, absorption cell, thick needle joint, embedding needle and sample hole.
    ● Functional components: The use of ultrasonic welding technology to weld medical functional components can achieve no damage to the components, strong welds, no visible damage, and thinner wall thickness. Conventional applications: dental devices, hearing aids, implants, insulin injectors and prostheses.
    ● Liquid container: Ultrasonic welding technology can achieve good airtightness, precise size, and unlimited functions. Conventional applications: bottles, secretion containers, bags, tissue culture bottles.

    Ultrasonic welding-medical packaging (small bags, films, gel bags, outer packaging...)

    ● Small bag: Through ultrasonic tool vibration, reliable welding quality can be achieved. When the machine stops running, the packaging material can be safely prevented from burning.
    ● Film: Ultrasonic welds injection-molded functional parts to various films quickly and firmly, and can avoid film shrinkage, thereby maintaining the aesthetic effect of the packaging appearance, and at the same time, it will not affect the barrier performance of the packaging.
    ● Gel bag: Even if there is product residue in the weld area, it can still ensure a tight seal, which can significantly reduce the volume of the seal and ensure that there is no air in the bag.
    ● Outer packaging of medical materials: The film is sealed to the injection molded parts by ultrasonic, the process is highly repeatable, and the stable and high sealing quality can be ensured.
    ● Disposable syringe packaging: The use of Jiayuanda ultrasonic welding technology can achieve extremely short sealing time, and the sealing effect can be repeated, and no exhaust gas is generated.

    Ultrasonic Welding-medical And Health Products And Wound Healing Materials

    ● Respiratory protective masks: Ultrasonic welding can achieve extremely soft and strong welds, and the filtering characteristics of the materials outside the welds will not be affected in any way. Even if it is a multi-layer composite, it can be strong, soft, sterile, and comfortable to wear.
    ● Mask: Even in the case of high-speed continuous production, the multi-layer structure of the mask can be connected softly and firmly to achieve excellent breathability and wearing comfort.
    ● Wound dressing/rapid dressing material: Wound dressings using ultrasonic laminates and punching have excellent air permeability, and the absorption capacity of the product can be optimized and improved through targeted micro-energy introduction. Special coatings, antibacterial coatings, etc. will not be affected in any way. Strong absorption capacity, sterile, airtight, and excellent air permeability.
    ● Plaster: Use ultrasonic aseptic treatment to make punching without residue, feel soft and comfortable, and have excellent air permeability.

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