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X10 ultrasonic lace machine is a 28KHz/1000W intelligent ultrasonic lace equipment with synchronous motion technology. Its ultrasonic core components are mainly composed of an automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, a high Q value transducer, and a tool head. It can maintain efficient seam cutting during cutting, welding, and sewing. At the same time, the equipment also has functions such as user-defined speed, 10 groups of data storage, diversity of flower wheels, and multiple protection. X10 uses an automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator to keep the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator in the best resonant state through feedback, so as to ensure the quality of stitching and embossing. The whole machine is composed of 2.8 inch HMI human-computer intelligent interaction, which conforms to the ergonomic design and is safe and easy to operate. The matched flower wheel can be used for straight line and curve cutting, welding and sewing, which can meet the functional requirements of waterproof, sealing, antibacterial, etc. of the processing technology, without needle and thread, saving costs.
  • Products Description
      Applicable materials: chemical synthetic fiber cloth, or chemical fiber blended cloth, or chemical film, which also contains more than 30% of chemical fiber, can be processed into required products, such as Nylon cloth, knitted cloth, non-woven cloth, T/R cloth, Teduolong cloth (Polyester cloth), gold onion cloth, multilayer cloth, and various film paper with coating surface made of lamination.
      Equipment use functions: sewing, pattern selvage, cutting, slitting, hole cutting, pattern pressing, forming, color printing, gilding, folding and pattern printing, and metal wire fixation for package welding.
      Scope of application: clothing, jewelry series, bedding, car covers, non-woven fabrics, leather clothing lace, pajamas, underwear, pillow cases, bed and quilt covers, skirts and headdresses, hairpin accessories, ribbon banding, gift packaging belt, cloth, mouth cloth, chopstick covers, seat covers, coasters, curtains, raincoats, PVE handbags, umbrellas, food packaging bags, tents, shoe and hat products, disposable surgical clothes, masks, surgical caps, medical eye masks, etc.

      2.8 inch HMI human-computer intelligent interaction: editable, 10 groups of data can be stored;
      Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator: driven by the automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, it can automatically track the optimal resonant frequency and compensate for the detuning caused by heating and other reasons;
      Synchronous motion control: PLC industrial control and human-computer interaction are used to realize synchronous and asynchronous motion of flower wheel and mold. The speed is adjustable, and the maximum speed is up to 10m/min (* This speed is standard configuration, and can be customized to improve the speed according to customer needs);
      Good mute effect: use low noise ultrasonic wave 28KHz/1000W to prevent noise interference;
      Abnormal alarm: frequency, power, amplitude and other abnormal alarm functions;
      Diversity of flower wheel: it can be customized according to needs;
      Quality assurance: international or domestic brand components are used, and the quality is stable as a rock. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year.
      Factory default of standard machine 220V 50Hz,110V needs to purchase booster, and it is recommended to purchase 2000W booster
    Technical Parameters
      Model no.



      Bonding width

      Lace roller 

      Max speed Working space Body size Overall size
      X10-D50 28KHz 1000W ≤15mm 45mm ≤10m/min
      360*130mm 580*130*265mm 1200*550*1000mm
    Automatic Ultrasonic Tap Cutting Machine
    Automatic Ultrasonic Tap Cutting Machine
    Automatic Ultrasonic Tap Cutting Machine
    Automatic Ultrasonic Tap Cutting Machine
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