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UW series ultrasonic powder packaging machine, non-woven packaging equipment using ultrasonic welding technology. The core components of ultrasonic welding composed of an automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, a high-Q ultrasonic transducer, and a titanium alloy mold have a good performance on the non-woven packaging. The overall PLC man-machine delivery control, electronic metering device, automatic feeding, filling and bag making, ultrasonic sealing and cutting. The packaging size can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the operation is efficient and stable.
  • Products Description
      It is suitable for loose, non-sticky, fine granular materials in medicine and chemical products. Such as: desiccant, activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, moxa powder, fever pack, traditional Chinese medicine granules, granular medicine, Chinese herbal medicine powder, aroma, perfume, foot massage, halogen bag and other granular powder packaging.

      The whole machine is composed of imported programmable controller, full touch screen constitutes the drive control core, with excellent performance and simple operation;
      The machine is matched with the metering device to complete the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, filling, bag making, and finished product delivery;
      Electronic measurement (optional) or volumetric measurement (standard), with high accuracy and low cost;
      Ultrasonic welding technology, the sealing effect is smooth and firm, and the efficiency is high.
      The bag length can be set arbitrarily within the rated range, driven by a stepping motor, the bag is stable and reliable, and the speed is optional;
      The bag-making process can realize photoelectric automatic detection, positioning, sealing and cutting, ensuring the complete bag-making pattern;
      Perfect automatic alarm protection function to minimize loss and help troubleshoot in time;  
      This machine can be customized into three-side-sealed bag type and back-sealed bag type;
      Intermittent structure is simple, easy to operate and maintain; different filling heads can be replaced, strong versatility;
      High-quality components, stable quality and long service life.
    Technical Parameters
      Model no. Measuring range
      Ultrasonic frequency Ultrasonic power Packing speed Fabric thickness Package size Working voltage
      UW-150 10-500g 20KHZ 2000W*2 40-60 bags/min 25-110g L210*W150



    Ultrasonic Nowoven Packaging Machine
    Ultrasonic Nowoven Packaging Machine
    Ultrasonic Nowoven Packaging Machine
    Ultrasonic Nowoven Packaging Machine
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